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Thursday, May 12, 2011

My head and my heart are a jumble of things this morning. There is contentment sitting next to me. Cross legged in my chair, music coming though the speakers, happiness in a route 44 cup. The light streaming in the window is diffused by a million grey clouds. Clouds that promise... or at least tease... rain. And the day before me is simple....sweet blessings await.

Clean sheets. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Bookstore. Dinner as a canvas. Tissue paper pom-poms to transform the backyard into fairyland. Favorite old songs providing the soundtrack. Favorite new songs finding their place. And hopefully...rain.

Feeling like I can breathe.
That I don't have to hold it together today.
That there is enough room.
And I don't have to understand.
And I can disagree.
And that even if my breath catches.....I can linger in good until I can breathe effortlessly again.

And I'll be thankful for little girls to make cookies with, dance, and sing. A little man and his eyes that light up when I pick him up from if he is surprised that he gets to go home with me today. And chocolate, and dinner, and books.

And rain please. Pretty please.

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