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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

30 things- as I go

Today is the day. I have been celebrated, pampered, gifted, and wished well so very much and there is nothing left but to do thirty well.
Today my heart is full and overflowing with gratitude and I can't think of a better way to mark this day than to express that.

1. Waking up to sweet whispers of "Happy Birthday" and a tray with my favorite breakfast taco and bubbly carbonated goodness.
2. The internet. Facebook, twitter, email. Friends near and for sending blessings of love and hope far great things.
3. A perfect birthday celebration. New friends. Old Friends. Best Friends.
4. Today as I wash dishes, do laundry, and grocery shop, I am mindful that those tasks are blessings because I have clean running water, resources and access to food and clothing.
5. A plethora of little people to sing me happy birthday, paint me pictures, and spend the afternoon at the pool with.

More to come.....

Friday, June 10, 2011


Some days it is unfathomable that my oldest child will soon be ten. It’s incredible. I am enjoying this stage more than I expected. Beyond the occasional eye roll and moody tears is this delightful person who I am so glad to know…let alone call my own.
Alaina and Jayden’s days are filled with music, dancing around the house, books, lip gloss and nail polish. Childhood lingers with bike rides and baby dolls. But the glimpses into the future are sweet as we see how beautiful inside and out they are becoming.
At eight and ten, their sleepy faces and messy hair makes my heart swell. Their bond as sisters (best friends and worse enemies) is so satisfying…knowing that it is a gift that can never be taken from them. I hope they cherish it.
When I look as this picture I see them curled up as toddler and newborn, on a horse holding onto each other for dear life, in pumpkin patches, and playing side by side in the sand. And I see high school dances, wedding days, meeting babies, and life lived as sisters. I hope they do too. ♥

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Yes it's summer. Why do you ask?

The kids have black-out curtains and don't start moving till nine thirty. Which means mama kisses daddy bye around seven thirty and then drifts back off for a couple of hours. Or she reads. Or daydreams. Or spends time with her ipad. All in bed....blissful silence.

Brunch. We have given up breakfast. It may be the most important meal of the day but we aren't doing much requiring brainpower. So it's a mid morning meal and a snack at the pool. Mama is diggin' it and the kids don't know other children still eat breakfast during summer. (There is always the self serve yogurt and fruit option if they were so inclined.)

Swathing. More swimming less bathing. You don't have to admit it...but you know its true. I still hide in the shower...maybe more so now that school is out.

Pajamas. Bathing suit. Pajamas. Why isn't there less laundry? Occasionally we're forced to wear real clothes but it is just a quick departure from the above uniform. (And yes I finally bought a new bathing suit. Not sure I am in love...but I think it has more to do with the four humans I incubated, my lack of bulimia and being ALMOST thirty than the suit.)

We can't stop the party. Summer is one continuous party. Celebrating Kaya, Marc, Grandma, Alaina, Father's Day, Anniversary, 4th of July, and Aunt Meagan. And that gets us to mid July. I can't think further than that. AND in case you hadn't heard...This mama turns thirty very, very soon. Chipping away on the list and we finally settled on how we'll celebrate. We're doing this progressive dinner party with a few friends and I couldn't be more excited. A little complicated....but we couldn't do it any other way!

PS. I am so over blogger. So I am making the wordpress. It'll require some of you to change your feed and other technical jargon that I don't really understand and will update later. But if you follow a link or just type in the address... you are all good. If I was {queenoftheworld}, I would ask you all to view my blog in something other than internet explorer. But I'm not...and I am begging asking anyway. It's for your own good. ♥