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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

5 Things {brought to you by the letter K}

I can't wait for summer. Summer means birthday parties, father's day, fourth of july, our anniversary, and a million things in between.

Impromptu date night. Pizza in bed. Mama is craving papa john's thin crust pizza dipped in garlic butter. Daddy has a wicked cold. Children don't outnumber us tonight and will agreeably be memorized by excessive tv watching. What could be more romantic? Okay... lots but I'm easily wooed.

If I was the queenoftheworld, some things would have gone differently lately. But I'm not. And so I 'm going to do what I'm good at. I'm going to hold onto amazing moments along the way...relish what was good and perfect and blissful...and hope the rest works out.

Laughed through tuesday lunch with my person. See above.

I have a letter K sitting on my desk. Think Sesame Street. Mama can't wait to make it say fairyprincessbirthdayparty in honor of Kaya turning four. The letter of the day will be envious.

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  1. Thank you for a great date! Glad to have the sparkly, hopeful, wonderful, joyous glamor girl back!