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Friday, May 13, 2011

missing: a quick inventive title, capitilization, and a whole post

if you didn't read yesterday's post (that was swallowed by blogger) you might wonder why I would post this overexposed,-messy ponytail,-no makeup, camera phone spontaneous picture. 

but if you did (or it magically reappears as promised) will see what I see: 
raindrops on my bright red umbrella

happy friday 

the end


  1. Amanda,

    I found your blog from Lynette's blog a couple of hours ago. I really, really should be in bed right now. I'm going to be so sorry in the morning!! I've read almost every word you've written from most recent all the way back to when you began it for your 29th birthday. May I just tell you that I think you might be my new favorite person!! I SO relate to so much!! I LOVE the way you write and if you happen to read anything from on my blog in the future, you might just see some of yourself there. I think my favorite post was the one where you talk about having a great day with your kiddos "despite" a whole bunch of stuff happening. That's my story everyday. So I would LOVE to keep in touch! I'm adding you to my blog list!! We are so alike!

  2. So seriously, would you mind at all if I take a little inspiration from your blog and writing style? If you don't mind, email me and let me know how you feel about that. I know that might sound crazy, but you are so witty and clever and I LOVE you style! I'm not a crazy weirdo! I promise!! Haha!!

    jmminor at hotmail dot com