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Monday, January 10, 2011

The One Without A Title Where I Giveaway A Sparkly Thing

Hey Ya'll.

It's Monday and I am seriously ready to get this blog on the road. After your unending patience, I need one more favor.

I wont bore you with all the details that went into my blog redesign because that would require me to be able to know what the heck I was doing. And I don't. Not then. Not now. Not ever again.

But we are back to blogger and if you want to have this baby appear in your inbox or your reader you will have to resubscribe. Or just subscribe. And blogger has additional ways to boost your blogging followers. And then there is facebook.

All of these obsessed over  carefully considered widgets are right in the sidebar.

And as a thank you for putting up with my hiatus/indecisiveness/procrastination, I have a beautiful thank you gift for one lucky reader.

Except we wont make you wear the names of random children. Your names and birthstones. And in case you are crazy blessed like me and have half a gagillion children, I'll make sure your kids each get a circle.

Do one or all of those things listed above, leave a comment telling me, and we'll pick a winner. There might even be extra credit for sharing on your blog, facebook, or twitter. But you have to tell me.


  1. Hi, Amanda! I guess I picked a good day to visit...I love Giveaways. :) Your blog is cute! Thanks for the visit today!

  2. i wanna win somethin! lol love your blog, i am a mom of three and love reading your adventures. makes me feel normal lol

  3. If it's not too late, I wanna comment! :) I like your redesign!