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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The only child...who isn't

Kaya Faith. Our fourth child.

Kaya has these giant blue eyes and one of the most expressive faces I have ever loved.

She is smart, funny, and has her own thoughts on things.

One problem with Kaya. She thinks she is an only child.

Now don't get me wrong. I like only children. I was an only child. I might occasionally fantasize about parenting only one child....but only once a day or so.

And it isn't her fault. I went back to work when she was a baby. And she went to grandmas. We were incredibly blessed to have that option. But at grandma's house she waits for nothing, never has to compromise or share, and is the center of the universe...or as we affectionately call it...princess of the world. Probably the only thing that could prepare you for living in a house of six any less than considering yourself the only child, is being the only grandchild. Every day.

So life has been a bit hard for Kaya. Here is one giant compromise/waiting/sharing. Here everyone has an opinion. It's loud, and chaotic, and always a party. Here everyone is smart, funny, and beautiful.

And they love her. And care for her. And baby her. And occasionally even coddle her. But here everyone is important...everyone has a vote, everyone is cuddled, and everyone is adored.

It can feel a bit like you have been robbed of your crown....when you really consider yourself the princess of the world.

So Mama doesn't work anymore. At least not for money. And life is different for Kaya. Her and I are attached at the hip most days. It's a lot of togetherness. (Thankfully when that adjustment gets to be a little much for either of us she still spends a fair amount of time with grandma or with Daddy and Ms. Susan at the office.)

And we are really starting to like Kaya again. She is sweet, charming, and much more peaceful when she isn't trying to assert her position. She is still sassy as ever. But we like sassy people around here.

And she has this incredibly romantic heart.... some of her first words to grandma after papa died: "I'll get you another husband,  grandma!"

Oh Kaya. Three is good on you baby girl.....

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  1. Thank you for joing Mama's Little Nestwork! I have one child but would love to have more, Godwilling. You are so blessed to have such a wonderful family. Your little one sounds adorable. This was beautifully written. Have a great day!

    Mama Hen