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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wilderness here we come!

Tomorrow we are having a monumental day. The six of us are going faux camping. Yes. You read that correctly. Tech support and the girl who wears heels everyday are taking their four children to the wilderness. On purpose. Two children to each adult. Fire, fish hooks, wildlife, large body of water, and pointy sticks. (Who told me this was good for my kids?)

Here is the plan. We get up in the morning and haul the hundred bucks work of goods from walmart to a state park one hour north. We will spend the entire day....till they can no longer keep their eyes open.....running, hiking, fishing, roasting, grilling, reading, stargazing and enjoying the great outdoors.

Then the most brilliant part of the plan is the part where we drive our bed. And our plumbing. Who cares if we have to carry four sleeping kids in the house....we'll be in the house!

I am going to wear tennis shoes. Daddy is going to take an entire day off. With any luck, we will be speaking when it's all over and our kids will remember this day for a long time. And not because anyone caught on fire, snagged their mama with a fish hook, got stung/bitten/charged/sprayed by the wildlife, fell in the lake or gouged their sibling with a roasting stick.....♥


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  1. Oh, Amanda, Dan introduced me to your blog yesterday, and I am so impressed. Your have a telent for writing as well as photography, etc. Thanks for the pictures, and we look forward to more time togther in the future -- I hope, I hope! Love, Grandma Barbara