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Monday, November 15, 2010

Jayden and her red carpet


This child is a girl after my own heart. I am just going to confess up front that I may have spent some time coveting her dress.... And wishing I had somewhere to wear it.

Jaydie understands that the are few times in a girl's life when she can dress solely in sequins and when the opportunity comes..... you embrace it wholeheartedly. And then you buy shoes to throw the ensemble over the top!

She doesn't mind her picture being taken one bit.

And the benefit of trick or treating with a giant sequin is that we were in no danger of being run over. I might have asked Jayden to play crossing guard a few times. It was funny. And we tried to laugh with her....but the sophisticated girl she is didn't find a thing funny about it. She was too busy rockin' that dress and her imaginary red carpet.

As much as Jaydie and I go head to head.....a lot...we had the best time doing her hair, a little makeup, and lots of time in front of the mirror together. She is growing up so fast and I know the days of us playing dress up together are quickly passing. Tomorrow her prom date will be ringing the door bell.

Love this girl and how she carries herself with a level of grace and sophistication that make a sequined dress completely unnecessary.....but a ton of fun nonetheless!

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  1. Great writing and pictures -- hmmm, a book in the making somewhere down the line for you, Amanda. Thanks for the pictures and words! Grandma Barbara