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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The sparkly, chaotic, sugar filled holiday I love

Confession. I am pastor's wife who loves Halloween. Love it. I am not ignorant about what it has meant or continues to mean to some. But I love what we have made it....and what it means to us.

I am a fan of sparkly things, staying up late and candy for dinner. I like excited children and friends gathered. And I love getting carried away.... I love Halloween.

A few days prior, I had yet to secure costumes or make plans for the night. Maybe I haven't confessed this here yet but not only do I like things complicated, I like to procrastinate complicating them. It's not something many people appreciate about me. Read: My hubby or best friends.

But the great thing about 29 is that you know a few things about yourself. And one thing I know is that those of us who have been blessed with a spirit of procrastination, also get a bolt of creative energy....Just. In. Time. Now I wait for it. It is better for everyone.

I promise.

Pinky promise.

But back to a few days before. No costumes. No candy for trick or treaters. No pumpkins carved. No plans to entertain. Nada. It was looking bleak.

If you know me at all, you must have figured out that a costume from walmart was not going to cut it. I do have to say that Bubba did end up with a very boring basic pirate costume. But he is a boy.... and he didn't even want to wear eyeliner like Captain Jack Sparrow. Where is the fun in that?

We might have spent Saturday in a few costume stores, craft stores, shoe stores, and tarjey. We did. And I did have to make a quick decision purely to promote marital bliss...which my keen sense of intuition told me was in jeopardy as we stood in line together at the craft store.

I needed some way to secure lime green marabou to Alaina's hat. And what is the obvious choice, crafters? Hot glue.

Enter dilemma. I have owned more than my fair share of glue guns. I have owned more than all of the readers of this blog put together's fair share of glue guns.

They are harder to keep up with than spoons. The surest way to locate one is to buy another. BUT...I was absolutely sure that if I even casually picked up another one I was going to either have to:

A. Lie. "Sweetheart....glue guns are like tape dispensers. Sure you could invest in a more substantial kind...but the kind I buy you just throw away when you are done. Glue sticks come with glue guns. Like tape comes with a dispenser."

B. Confess. " I don't know where mine is. (Are....if I was REALLY confessing.) Again. I don't know how many we have bought. It's probably better that you don't know."

And so I took one for the team and avoided the whole conversation by going with option c.

C. Crazy glue.

Marital Bliss 107.

This could be a whole other post but let's just say that Kaya borrowed it and painted her arm with it. No danger of her arm becoming disengaged at any point in the near future.

Costumes. √


Plans to entertain took care of themselves when I invited ourselves to my inlaws for dinner and trick or treating in exchange for making loads of stuffed shells with hot yummy bread. Mmmmmmmm.....They were as good as they sound. Better.

And if I wasn't sure why my kids were worth all this trouble, they spent afternoon saying "what smells so good mama!?!".  And then I remembered. It's easy to be a fan of people who are a fan of you. Remind me it's worth it when they think I am a dork and hide in their rooms. Is that really coming? Ugh!

I will still be your fan. Always. Till you are past old......


You don't spend a chunk of time wandering the streets after dark with the funniest, most brilliant mermaid, pirate, Hollywood star, and witch without a few tales to tell......But that is coming next.


  1. I love when people who I don't even know were reading say they love it when I blog! Love being able to keep up with your family on your blog. It's amazing that your babies are so big and grown up.