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Monday, October 25, 2010

Life vs. Blog

Question. Can you still be a blogger even if you never blog?

Well, in my heart I am a still a blogger even if my blog has given up on me. If you are reading this, you have not and that makes you my favorite!

You must be wondering what I have been up to all this time that I have been avoiding blogging. It has been busy. We have had a few bonfires, gotten a few pedicures, cooked and eaten yummy food, cleaned, cleaned, cleaned, done five hundred loads of laundry, driven kids to school and back again, gotten new tires, and thrown a fabulous pirate party at RLF. There have been walks on the beach and dinner out with friends. I have been cheating on my netbook with my new ipad. I have been to bath junkie...twice. We have started a new life group and I have been through two cell phones. Busy.

I have been dreaming about what I want to do professionally during this next season and we have spent a lot of time nesting with our extended family. Our papa is walking through lung cancer and while we are keenly aware that all of our days are numbered, he is cherishing every moment with his family. And we are mindfully making memories with him.

So the short is that we have been busy living life...and yet I still miss coming to here to record it.

So even if I am not a real blogger, I still want to blog. ♥






  1. I think that bloggers who blog consistently should do so as a full time job. :) So it's ok for us to be inconsistent, right? If we were too consistent and NOT paid, we'd be sacrificing something that should be a priority, perhaps? Makes me feel better to say so... ha!

  2. You are a blogger, a writer, a photographer, but not just those things. You are amazing. You are intelligent. You are beautiful. You are witty. You are sassy. You are funny. You are supportive. You are diligent. You are so much more. You have not lost your muchiness! I love you.