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Monday, November 15, 2010

My Own Personal Turkey Day

I am going to make a turkey. It's that time of year you say.....everyone is making a turkey.

But this is my inaugural turkey. Yes. Twentynine. Turkey virgin.

How does this happen? You marry into a family where the matriarch of the family is well.....not you. There are two generations of woman between me and the turkey.

I do get to make the green bean casserole.....I do have to wonder if it's because none of the other women like green bean casserole?

So usually I spend Thanksgiving morning a little sad that it is the perfect holiday for making a fabulous feast, setting a beautiful table, and general entertaining bliss....and I do none of that. I show up. My main contribution being the gorgeous grandchildren. And green bean casserole.

But not this year! This year I am making a feast....even if it is a week early and for a bunch of eight year olds. I get to cook....which I adore at the moment. I get to set a gorgeous table...which will make me giddy. And did I mention I am making a turkey?

So there is plans to brine, baste, roast, and carve. I can't wait. I feel so grownup!

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  1. You'll do awesome! Just don't make the classic rookie mistake and forget to remove the gizzards.