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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The one where I learn I have no hair skills- part two

Believe me...I am big on photographic evidence. I am the kind of mama that grabs her camera first and then parents. (Parents is a verb in that sentence...not something I grab) In fact, I am thinking of starting an entire section on my blog called "Stuff my kids ruin, destroy, loose or otherwise render useless". I usually want to  photograph these incidents. I just think they would be handy for grand-parenting and in case one of them wants to stick us with a therapy bill later. You could join in and we could commiserate.

Back to the incident this morning...I did take a very bad photograph. It is bad in all sorts of technical ways. And it's bad because it's evidence of my fly-by-the- seat-of-my-favorite-jeans parenting philosophy that sort of out-votes my other least occasionally on a regular basis.

But if you can't exploit your children on your blog, where can you?

So at 8:30 this morning....

But we took Daddy to work and headed right over to SUPER cuts. I wasn't sure how the best way to present my case to the hair guy was and was totally prepared to be charming if necessary.

He was awesome...refrained from teasing me at all even though he smiled largely through the whole experience. I was pleasantly surprised that corrective haircuts don't fall into the same category as corrective hair color and it was just 10 bucks.

10 bucks. So simple. Elisha wants to try that first next time...

Where is the fun in that?


  1. You should be required to make every picture of this precious boy in color from now on. Those cheeks! Those lips!! And he's sweet too. You are so done for Amanda!

  2. What a cutie! Yes, sometimes it's worth the $10 to let a "pro" do it!

    Love your blog. Good luck with it. I'm popping in from SITS and doing a little "blogging it forward." :o)