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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The one where I learn I really have no hair skills

Elisha's hair is way too long. And it just hasn't been a priority to get it cut...Until this morning when I jump out of bed and decide to pursue a calling as a hair dresser. Don't worry... the calling was short.

Here is my rationale. J wants me to be more frugal. Frugal people cut their children's hair.

He is a boy. We can buzz it off if I screw it up too badly.

Super cuts is around the corner and opens in thirty minutes. They are after all SUPER...they can fix it.

That's if all goes wrong. Which it won't. I did this once before and I heard it was the best hair cut he ever had! I even did a search on google once and sorta remember what I am supposed to do.

E has a lot of confidence in me. He hops right up there on the stool and is even the one to remind me he needs a towel or something to cover him. He asks if "I use to be a hair cutter?" No. Just today....

So I start cutting...... reminding myself that curly hair is sort of messy and more forgiving. And then I realize my calling as a hair dresser was actually just boredom and ......poor Elisha.

So do you keep going so at least there is consistency or do you just stop and call for help? And can I blame this on him when we go to Super Cuts? And J is not going to be happy when he gets out of the shower. Not. At. All.

Thank God he is a boy. There were no tears or drama. Just a lot of giggling by him and really hard laughing by me.....


  1. Hello!? You are a PHOTOGRAPHER!! Put up a picture!!

    "...poor Elisha." So funny!