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Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's hot and I don't want to be boring.

As nearly every mother in the city is celebrating the end of summer this week, I am coming to terms with my new role...this new season for our family.

Last spring when life felt like an unending juggling session we promised ourselves a change of pace. Not wanting to just be carried along at the pace of life, we set things in motion to slow down, savor the moment, and be less busy.

Turns out I like busy.

We start full-blown homeschooling next week but until then I am finding ways to ward off boredom. Sometimes successfully and sometimes not-so-much. And just for the record, before anyone tells me that only boring people get bored....I know.

I have read everything in this house, seen every movie that I can drag the kids to, and are pretty much feeling how small a city we live in. And the heat index is 127 degrees. Since Africa is melting away our desire to collect stuff and I know longer have a job...retail therapy is out too.

So I am inventing new ways to stay busy.

1. The Muffin Lady-

Came across a cook book called 100 muffins. One recipe, one hundred variations. I immediately thought I COULD DO THAT. I know that this has to be a completely new idea in the blogosphere. I could make a new muffin every day!

Plus someone once told me a story about a lady who made muffins everyday and had them in glass jars on her counter. Suddenly that cookbook made me want to be that lady. Except buying that cookbook or the jars isn't in the new plan for our life.

So I did what any savvy mama would do and googled muffins for three days. I finally found THE recipe. One that was just complicated enough and yet fit into my grocery budget. And if you are in the mood for a glass of crystal light lemonade except you want it loaded with fat and calories and don't feel like drinking-I have the muffin for you. A double batch seemed necessary yesterday. Today when I am completely over them...not so much.

Today is chocolate chip muffins and tomorrow I am going for a savory one.

2. Picnic for Two-

While I am giving up retail therapy, J is giving up going out to lunch regularly.

When our babies were babies,  I loved when J would bring people home for lunch. They would come over to play video games and I would cook for them. Guys don't care how many toys they have to step over and if you have dusted. They are playing xbox on a big screen and someone is bringing them free food! It broke up the day for me...anyway I just loved it.

So yesterday I thought it would be a good day to take J lunch. Maybe a friend could come have lunch with him and help with the muffin overpopulation....

And I got a great birthday gift that I have yet to be able to use....only because it was hot 15 degrees ago...and even I can't picnic in this inferno!

Yes I have time to make my husband lunch, take pictures, and make a collage! Here is some incidental notes: Roasted chicken is hard to photograph, although unusual... yellow watermelon isn't as pretty as red, and that basket was handmade in the village in Ghana.

3. Hope on a String

One of the many treasures J brought back for Ghana was strands of raw beads. He brought me jewelry as well but my favorite thing....has been the beads.

They are made across the world from recycled glass.... and are just stunning.

Our fellowship is helping set up the first woman owned business in that region. One of the ways we are investing in that village is by reselling bracelets made by the women in the village in all of our campus bookstores. Bringing hope to many families. I love this. Want to be behind this 100 percent.

But I also wanted to create something that is more like with something I would wear everyday from the raw beads J brought me. And I love these and want to make a hundred more. Don't know what I'll do with them yet...but loved the process and how they turned out.

So that was yesterday. I am off to buy chocolate chips and find a savory muffin recipe. And maybe clean something. Or I might should save that for tomorrow which has nothing scheduled.... except muffins of course.


  1. Hey there! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I'm thrilled because it led me to you and your blog!
    Homeschooling... you are my hero! No, seriously, I'm bowing down to you as I type this..

    AND I LOVE the handmade basket! I'll be back and be sure to say Hi when you visit my soapbox so I don't think you are a stalker... KIDDING! (smile)

    Have a great night.

    PS, Can you ship me a muffin?

  2. I like the Muffin Lady. I do find it interesting that the Muffin Lady asked what we should do with all the muffins and when I suggested giving them to friends or taking them to work she said the muffins weren't good enough for that. So apparently, they are good enough for me and the kids to eat, but not our friends.

    Lunch was amazing by the way! Really helped keep the day moving.

    I am ready to go back and get more beads whenever you are!

  3. Paying it forward from BlogFrog! So glad I came across your site...can't wait to do some more reading! :-)


  4. Great blog! I love the idea of 100 muffins in 100 days it reminds me of the movie Julie and Julia...blogging about cooking through Julia Childs cook book. I'll definitely follow and see how it goes! I came over form the "pay it forward" discussion on the SITS boards. Hope you have a chance to stop by too!
    Mrs. O

  5. I want a muffin! Can we make special requests? Blueberry? Pumpkin? Cinnamon Spice?