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Sunday, August 22, 2010

A new baby...

Last night we went to dinner at some friends house and we came home with this...

Meet Bella. Not cat people. Not at all. But she let our kids haul her around for hours and loved on them right back.

And Jayden and Elisha begged there Daddy. And even though they are supposed to be eight before they get a pet of their own...they pointed out that they were way past eight...together.

And even though I had second thoughts as she panicked a bit in the car....she is a keeper.


  1. She is super cute...though I can never come to your house again! I'm SO allergic! Maybe I can figure something out....

  2. She is SO BEAUTIFUL! We should schedule a playdate with her. Cats just LOVE playdates with other cats!

  3. She's so cute! She looks like a cat I had when I was a teenager :)