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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Letters- The Need Chocolate Edition

Dear  August, You are my least favorite month. You have overstayed your welcome and we can't wait to venture out in daylight again. Dear Official Home School Handbook, Am I still allowed to home school even if  I don't have a jumper and wear lip gloss? Dear Muffin Lady, I am sorry to hear about your forced retirement. Good luck with your reincarnation as a brownie artiste! Dear People Who Were Expecting Muffins, Chocolate is a health food- at least a mental health food. It's for your own good. Dear Internet Company Who Charged My Debit Card Three Times and Is Still Withholding The Internet, You are evil. Dear Monthly Phenomena That Causes My Husband To Quiver in My Presence and Forces Me To Make Brownies at Nearly Midnight, I could do without you...and J agrees. Dear Children Who Are Stuck With Me 24 Hours A Day, You were so good yesterday! Can't think of anyone I would rather boogie board with and call it PE. Dear Fabulous Scalloped Baking Cups, Only you could make brownies better.



1 comment:

  1. Chocolate AND a kitten?! That's it! I'm coming over tonight!