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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Finding my groove again...rambling style

  • So this is day four of home schooling. And it turns out that despite my fears of being with my children 24 hours a day... I really like them.

  • I do miss doing this with other grown-ups. In a school there are other teachers right next door, parent volunteers, music & art teachers. Lunch breaks. There is built-in adult conversation....all through the day...everyday.

  • The trade-off is that we have PE at the beach, read on the couch in our pj's and there is no yelling/drama/tears discussion about lunch boxes, uniforms, and missing backpacks. We have yet to be late for school. And it doesn't really matter who didn't get breakfast.

  • While Texas is a great state for homeschooling. Our city is limited. Trying to put together a music program and get them involved in some physical activity during the day is turning out to be a challenge. That and it is still 173 degrees outside.

  • I have only locked myself in the bathtub once and it was technically after bedtime...when I am off duty. Note: They weren't actually in was just after bedtime.... totally their daddy's problem.

  • And I am feeling more like myself these last few days. Except myself is no longer blond.... I wanted to go darker for fall. So Fall, please arrive. I have gone darker just for you.

  • My mother has often called me the princess of the world in a tone that wasn't meant to be featured in after school special and princess conjures up images of a girl who is immature, selfish, and indulged. All things I am trying to grow out of....

  • But today I bought myself a book- A picture book. the secret lives of Princesses by Philippe Lechermeier

  • The back says "As mysterious as they are beautiful, and as eccentric as they are intelligent, these fascinating royal ladies await your discovery." That is my kind of princess.

  • I plan to ask for another copy for Christmas just because.... because I want to frame some of the illustrations. It's that beautiful!

  • And validating.... p. 84 labeled Practical Guide. Everything You Need To Know About Princesses- tips and techniques to tell a true princess from a fake one:

A true princess never wears socks, not even in the middle of winter.

  • And good advice. Under Tips and Techniques For Shushing A Princess

To this day there is no solution for shushing a princess.

Don't even bother.

  • Heading to a tub to hide soon...but first I have to make brownies. It's my new thing....


  1. I wanted to get you that book. You are so amazing. I love you Princess!

  2. WHAT...Daniella was not the first to comment on your blog....I am SHOCKED! Daniella are you okay?

  3. There is a place called Brinca on Staples and .... by a CVS it's an indoor jumpy place. Kinda pricey for four kids but they might come down a bit when school starts. Ima fan on FB if you can't find it. They also have lotsa FB fan coupons.

  4. I am just getting caught up with your blog... Love it! I pray that you have an awesome 1st year homeschooling and that you are able to get a bit of that adult conversation when you need it most!!