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Sunday, August 29, 2010

On My Nightstand...

I am an avid reader... but I do judge books by their covers. I don't read reviews or browse bestseller lists. I walk around book stores and feel the covers. I don't like glossy covers. If the cover is all wrong then the back synopsis has to be incredibly compelling if the book is going to come home with me.  I like beautiful covers with perfect textures.

Some people find this endearing  and join in. Others roll their eyes and head to a different section....

So here is what is on my night stand...

Just Finished (No spoilers♥)

Her Fearful Symmetry- Audrey Niffenegger

Absolutely loved time Travelers Wife! It was beautifully written, a great love story, and a story line just creative enough to entertain. It was the first novel Lauren and I read together and we read it in like three days. So when I saw this in paperback, I swooped up two copies quickly.... And then it took me weeks to finish it.

I wanted to love it...but it was just disturbing.

Life Without Summer- Lynne Griffin

My favorite novels are ones with shifting points of view. If I had a super power it would be to read minds. I often annoy myself by wondering (endlessly) what someone is thinking.

This book tells two stories that are woven together brilliantly. It is reminiscent of early Jodi Piccoult books and may be a new favorite.

Love The One You Are With- Emily Giffin

Chick Lit. Nothing more. Love her for a mindless her books  for pedicures and afternoons by the pool.  I find myself shushing my kids a lot and getting off the phone in a hurry so I can READ!

She has the amazing ability to make you root for both sides and love how it turns out! I love the main character in this novel because she is artist who struggles to find contentment in routine.. But she does....

Reading at the Moment....

Before You Know Kindness- Chris Bohjalian

The author of Midwives, the book I read right before I was pregnant with Elisha and decided to have a homebirth, is one of my favorite guy authors. He reminds me a bit of Wally Lamb and his ability to write form a woman's point of view.

Just started...stuck like glue to it. I'll let you know!

Waiting to be read....

The School of Essential Ingredients- Erica Bauermeister

Love novels about cooking.

Goodnight Nobody- Jennifer Weiner

Chick Lit

The Reader- Berhard Schlink

Curiously picked this one up enough times to think it might be worth the dollar half price wanted for it.

So what are reading, just finished, or waiting to read?


  1. You don't just annoy yourself wondering what people are thinking. You often annoy others as well asking them what they think people are thinking, but it's good that one of us thinks about what others are thinking. I even us out since I am oblivious to other peoples' thoughts (and sometimes feelings).

  2. I'm reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo... which I'm quite enjoying but taking in small-ish junks. I think it will pick up speed soon though.

  3. Hey, Amanda. I've been out of town for a couple of weeks...trying to catch up on laundry, grocery shopping, and what some of my favorite bloggers have been up to. Loved reading through your last few weeks. Btw...I can totally relate to the haircut episode. I cut my little guy's hair, but it never turns out very well, and it grows out embarrassingly bad....which means that I have to cut it again. It's an endless cycle of awkwardness. Poor kid. But, like you said...they're boys.

    I emailed you back...did you get it?

    Leslie :)