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Sunday, July 25, 2010

You can be a junkie too...

Meet Lauren. She is usually up for whatever I am complicating at the moment.... She is a funny, smart, and a great writer! (I am determined to turn her into a blogger yet.)


Picture it.


A young girl hides in the shadows of a small room while her mother hurriedly concocts a lotion made up of animal fat and crushed mint. The mint lingers in the air bringing a sense of peacefulness to the harried household. A woman’s groan is heard in the background. The young girl is told to run outside and find Papoose Root and Wild Hyssop for the mixture. Soon after returning, the mother has quickly grinded the herbs into a paste and made an emollient out of them. The young girl watches as she smoothes the ointment over the back of the woman in labor.  The scents have mixed, and the fragrance begins to calm the woman’s pain. For thousands of years knowledge of scents, plants, and herbs have been used to concoct fragranced lotions  to heal numerous skin diseases, health issues, as well as matters of the heart. Perfumes have been used to single royalty out from signify a level of society which one has reached. Now that it is 2010 let me just say, “ THANK THE LORD that we no longer require a mid-wife, herbalist, or medicine man to concoct lotions and creams that help conjure up feelings of peacefulness, happiness, prettiness, and girlieness. We can do it all on our own...and we don't have to be royalty!

Bath Junkie might not assist with the pain of childbirth, but with the drugs they use now…who cares! We can now enjoy these concoctions for what they are…sugar and spice and everything nice all mixed together and colored to match your mood or your bathroom. What was great about Bath Junkie was that it was an experience…not a store. It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy (my hubby loves the store) , a girly-girl, a tomboy, or somewhere in between…you will find something in here that invokes some memory or feeling that makes you…well, you! Whatever scent you mix says something about you…

Maybe you’re a botanical or floral girl…maybe the scent of white tea really awakens that inner artist. Perhaps you're like me and the scent of honeysuckle reminds you of that kiss you shared with your significant other so many years ago (San Antonio Riverwalk 1999, baby!). Perhaps you’re more of patchouli-person. That’ll take you back, right?  Of course, you might be the type of person who marches to the beat of a different drum. Scents like Chai latte, dragon’s blood, or feng shui might be more up your alley. They’ve even claimed to bottle the scent of the Vampire…for all you Twilight fans… a little pumpkin, sensual, and chocolate…who knows what could happen…

What’s my point? Amanda and I didn’t go into this store to buy lotion and hand scrub…we went in to share an experience and learn a little about ourselves and each other. For example, I learned that I am indecisive about many many things; maybe Amanda already knew that about me...I'm not sure. I learned that Amanda has more layers than I have room to blog about. She’s a mix of girly, artist, mother, and sophistication all rolled into one. Certain scents brought each part of her out…in the end she went with her girly side and decided on Kiss-me-Kate, a blend of  summer sorbet, pink sugar, and sunflower.  I couldn’t decide between sugar or spice so I went with Liquid Valium, a blend of lavender, mandarin orange, and bergamot. In short, we smell like we feel. Of course, Amanda didn’t forget about her blogging peeps. She brought home a little something for you. It’s free…it’s pretty…it smells’s bath junkie!

How do you get it? Well, you have to earn it. We want to know what you think about you! Check out and let us know what scents bring about certain memories for you…or what scents describe you to a T…depending on the day or time.  Just comment. We’ll enter your name in a drawing for each comment.  We’ll draw the lucky winner on Wednesday July get busy!


  1. I'm confused. Do I have to visit the website? Do I have to describe myself or what scent I like? Too many rules!

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