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Saturday, July 24, 2010

About some stuff and more stuff…

  • My husband is making me popcorn. It's the most amazing popcorn ever. Gorgonzola butter. No kids awake to spill it everywhere. Heaven.

  • Lauren's post about our bath junkie adventure is just about ready. That means it is almost giveaway time. Soon one of you will be a bath junkie too!

  • J is packing. Been reading about Ghana. He is really going. Starting to set in that we have not been apart this long before. I don't think I am going to be good at single parenting. In fact I am counting on it. Maybe then I will pleasantly surprise myself...and our kids.

  • Went to Jason's deli for dinner. There was bickering, punching, shushing, tatlling, drama at the ice cream machine, and more. AND it wasn't our kids. Really. Sweet. Moment. So sweet I felt obligated to smile at the semi-apologetic  parents and tell them we were just glad that it wasn't our kids...this time. Our kids were just having an off night- it'll be us next time!

  • It just occurred to me that I can make Mexican food for the next 17 days and there will be no one here to complain. At least no one who gets a vote. Meaning no one who brings home the bacon...or money to buy bacon. Yes. That. Is. Settled... enchiladas, taco salad, fajitas, tacos, nachos...repeat as necessary.

  • Praying about heavy stuff. Trying to let Him carry it. Frustrated with myself that I keep taking it back.

  • Really awesome worship tonight at RLF.

  • Kaya is running a fever. Hoping it's not the beginning of the plague. Expecting that because I have an incredibly busy week and J is leaving on an international jet's likely the plague.

That's all.


  1. Comment on your stuff:
    * I hate you.
    * I want to win. No. I deserve to win.
    * I think you will be wonderful and I will take your kids for a night.
    * I'm confused. We didn't go with you.
    * I really didn't know you loved Mexican food that much.
    * agree. Except that one really depressing song. That was weird.
    * Did you mean to write "plague"? Because an attack of tartar would be very strange. And I'll pray for her.

    That's all.

  2. The lady who works in a dental office should understand the severity of a tartar attack....just in case it IS that.

    Here's my defense....I knew I typed the wrong consonant but was so concerned with the fact that wordpress did not recognize the word "tattling"...obviously wordpress does not have four children and has never been a second grade teacher...that I forgot to go back.

    Your blog-stalking saved the day!

  3. You two are just to weird.............. but I luv u both.

  4. I wish you'd start really should....will you?

  5. IDK....Everybody's doing it.