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Monday, July 26, 2010

Bath junkie giveaway-Recap…

In case you missed this, here are the directions.

Go to and under scents pick out something you think you'd love.

Maybe that scent brings back a memory.

Maybe it just sounds like you.

Leave a comment.

Or disregard all of the above and leave a comment anyway.

Either way we'll put your name in the drawing.

And then you'll win.

Or not.

Even if you hate scented bath products and don't want to win... comment anyway.

Then I won't keep wondering who all these people who are reading my blog and not commenting are. (That sentence broke about 17 grammar rules for the record.)

And if we are friends in real life I will stop pestering you to READ MY BLOG.

That's all.


  1. I can't smell, but if I could, I'd pick Jasmine. ;) Thanks for the visit! :)

  2. I love floral scents... magnolias especially.

    But Eucalyptus is incredibly relaxing and reminds me of my honeymoon.

  3. I don't know weather or not this scent is at your store but I love the scent "Love Spell". I usually buy it at Victoria Secret. I love it because it drives my husband crazy. When he acts crazy It feels like the first few weeks we dated with giggling and flirting. Sometimes I just miss those days.


  4. jessica "the great" espinoJuly 27, 2010 at 10:28 AM

    i better win something.....that's all i'm saying. and may i also point out that i love that you are a lot like me, you write how you speak, and it's very entertaining, plus you're blonde....i'm

  5. i can't help but add more than 1 scent...let me tell you why.

    i would first pick "fresh air" and maybe "dirt" because when i was little, we would come inside on summer evenings after being outside ALL day and my dad would always tell us we "smelled like wind"... :)

    and then secondly, i'd pick "lilac" because we had a HUGE lilac bush in our backyard and it always smelled so nice and sweet and one summer i picked a sprig of lilac and put it in an old olive jar with some water and glitter and gave it to my dad as a gift. needless to say, the lilac sprig rotted after only a few days and turned from bright purple and fragrant to dark brown and probably pretty stinky but my dad kept that until for like 8 years until he moved in 2005.


  6. All these extra people are really messing with my odds. That is not at all why I have commented again.

  7. jessica &quot;the great&quot; espinoJuly 28, 2010 at 4:26 PM

    When am I going to find out I won amanda???? And when are we going to have a sleep over? Let's make banana splits and braid each other's hair and make prank phone calls and give each other matching tatoos with glitter pens! BFF's 4EVA

  8. jessica &quot;the great&quot; espinoJuly 28, 2010 at 4:29 PM

    Oh! And let me get this straight......everytime I comment I get ANOTHER chance to win, correct?