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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I might be grumpy...ok I am grumpy.

I am grumpy. So grumpy I can't stand myself.


But I feel justified.

I just drug four kids from the car to a very dark house at 9 pm. Late enough for them to be miserable...not late enough for them to pass right out.

And before that the 3 year screamed hysterically that she misses Daddy for the entire ride home. It's not like she doesn't go a day without seeing him regularly. She just has a special sense about him being on a plane flying the opposite direction from us.

And before that I was at work. And it was just work. Which is fine if you don't work for fun.  I don't work for work...I work for fun. The fun was lacking.  In fact it was so far from fun that it....well I don't know... but it stinks.

And I am thinking of abolishing the golden rule.

Tomorrow I am just going to treat people how they treat me. Which won't be pretty.

Except I am sucker. And I just remembered about a gift I wanted to give someone this week. And that isn't really in line with my not-going-to- be-pretty-day I have planned out. They were very sweet to me today maybe I can let this one act of kindness slide by.

And before all that I took my kids to chucke cheese's for lunch. Which is just insanity... But I didn't want to come home and have insanity here. In the moment it seemed like a better idea to let them feed money into machines for fun. At least in the 2 hours we were there I managed to rack up 20 minutes of conversation with a girlfriend. That twenty minutes cost me fifty bucks.

And before that we said goodbye to daddy.  After all the "i love you"s and saying "goodbye" one last time, I walk out to the car with his phone in hand and it rings. It is one of his best friends who is out of town and didn't get to say goodbye. So I have to take the phone back in... And hold it together through another set of goodbyes.

I did get to the car and get my sunglasses on before I bawled.

I might be a little hormonal also.

I might also be a little sad that every kid in this house is either sleeping in their daddy's shirt or with one of his pillows or has his sheet.

Seriously he hasn't even been gone 24 hours.

Warned you I was grumpy.


  1. I pray you soon fell better...that the next 17 days flies by in the blink of an eye, that your kids understand the good work their daddy is doing, and that your job will soon be fun again. Just so that you know the 20 minutes of conversation we had today was the best 20 minutes of my day. Hope you feel better soon. Call me if you need to talk or just simply vent.


  2. 17 more days...if you need someone to loosely monitor the children let me know. I have full FBI clearance.

  3. Why didn't I get the Chuck E Cheese memo? : ) Love you!

    Steven loved the bread....and so did I.