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Friday, June 10, 2011


Some days it is unfathomable that my oldest child will soon be ten. It’s incredible. I am enjoying this stage more than I expected. Beyond the occasional eye roll and moody tears is this delightful person who I am so glad to know…let alone call my own.
Alaina and Jayden’s days are filled with music, dancing around the house, books, lip gloss and nail polish. Childhood lingers with bike rides and baby dolls. But the glimpses into the future are sweet as we see how beautiful inside and out they are becoming.
At eight and ten, their sleepy faces and messy hair makes my heart swell. Their bond as sisters (best friends and worse enemies) is so satisfying…knowing that it is a gift that can never be taken from them. I hope they cherish it.
When I look as this picture I see them curled up as toddler and newborn, on a horse holding onto each other for dear life, in pumpkin patches, and playing side by side in the sand. And I see high school dances, wedding days, meeting babies, and life lived as sisters. I hope they do too. ♥

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