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Monday, June 6, 2011

Oh internet!

I was cleaning out the "projects" closet a few days ago and came across this book I had made. It started as a birthday card for a friend and being the wordy girl I am, it morphed into a book. I'd spent days on it and at the last minute decided to skip it and give a gift card instead. I am not sure exactly why. As I read the words written over a year ago, I realized something....they were still true. I still feel that way. Maybe I was afraid to give a gift so incredibly personal amongst trite greeting cards...afraid that it would be seen as that. Not the deep expression of my creativity and heart for them that it actually was. It might be misjudged. It might be forgotten at the back of a closet. It might not have been given a second glance. So I was glad I never gave it...and then I threw it away. What a waste....:)

I love blogging. And the closet incident reminded me why: I love being able to come here and pour out my heart. It's a great creative outlet for me. I walk away from the keyboard more grounded. Clarified. Different. And it never winds up at the back of a closet. There is incredible gratification in sharing it with someone else...knowing based on the feedback from those who read along that it makes a difference.

And lately I have found myself fascinated with the whole idea. I can't think of any earlier media that compares to this. Never has an ordinary girl been able to share her life with people all over the world. It's a little ridiculous sometimes...the power in this platform. On a regular basis I'm surprised at who is reading this little blog.. Thrilled...but a little in awe.

And mostly I love blogs because I get a glimpse into the heart and lives of people I can't see everyday or often or even ever. And sometimes friendships are forged because of them. I have been so blessed. A few nights ago I had dinner with my original blog stalker turned bff and some other special ladies. Friendship all forged through words sent over the magic of the internet.

 (ya'll know how much I love phone pics..errr)
(and yes, I should really join the pushup challenge.)
(and no, we didn't have dinner in a parking lot.)
(and yes, my posture could use some help couldn't it?)

Internet we {big puffy heart} you. 

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