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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The one where I don't blog

I vowed not to blog until I had something cheerful to say. {So this is me NOT blogging}

Soon the girl who thrives on chaos and believes that you should never use a few words to say what you could say in fortyeleven words will emerge and she will make lemonade....sparkly pink lemonade...and serve it at a picnic.

But here I am NOT blogging about spending most of the day in the ER wishing I'd gone to medical school and could determine if my oldest child was seriously injured or just almost seriously injured. I didn't. So I had to hemorrhage money to find that out.

And I was willing to do it (besides the fact that I didn't see a lot of other options) because if I was the supermom I came into motherhood with aspirations of being, I could have prevented said serious or almost serious injury. And because the only thing that will evoke more mamaheartache than seeing your child in serious pain, is horrible complications you definitely could have prevented.

She's going to recover. Mama will have to up her therapeutic watching of Bravo and Grey's Anatomy and eat two extra (or around two) scoops of nutella right out of the jar tomorrow as she watches to recover from the social worker lecture.


  1. I miss your fortyeleven words.

  2. I miss her words too...