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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Dear Kitchen, You're such a mess. You should consider professional help. Dear Shoes With Wandering Eyes, This is a tilldeathdoyoupart kinda thing.You are of no use to me solo. And I am running out of options so please... get it together. Dear Asian Pork Tenderloin Marinating in the Fridge, I will wait for you. Hungrily. Dear Weekend, Please hurry! I am daydreaming, and planning, and wanting you now. Dear Weekend Destination, I can't wait to see you again. Be perfect. Just be you.  Dear Dr. Pepper 10,   I really tried to love you but I just don't feel the way about you that I felt about Dr. Pepper. We can still be friends. Dear Miracle Treatment, I can do without the queasiness. I have a kitchen to clean, shoes to find, a yummy dinner to cook and a girl's weekend away that just don't mesh well with you.


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