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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Let's Picnic

A few weeks ago a friend called and said "I want to take a picnic to my husband. Tell me what to do." And then my heart did a little dance and I said: "Okay!"

Because I {heart} PICNICS. I do. I am not  fan of wilted sandwiches and gloppy potato salad but yummy thoughtful food shared with someone you love? Not much is better. (And yes... my Love Language is acts of service followed closely by gifts and quality time. So the idea that I can DO something for you and then either give it to you as a gift or get to be with you as you enjoy it. Perfect.)

And now that everyone in our house can put on shoes, use the plumbing, and buckle their own (or each other's) seat belts..... mental and physical energy has been freed up for obsessions like gifting food.

Picnics can mean an afternoon on a blanket just being together, dinner on the beach, making the most of time waiting for a concert or fireworks, or just an afternoon on the playground. They can be in bed or on our living room floor. They can be for two or twelve. But for means I love you and you were worth the trouble.

In the true spirit of keeping it complicated, I collect various contraptions to do just that. I want it to be complicated enough on the back end that you feel special but the end result should be simple and easy for you.

I have no idea what these boxes are intended for but I knew it was my duty to rescue it from the walmart shelf and give it new life.

No box would ever want to store shoes or thingamajiggers when it could be used to hold the perfect antipasto picnic. Simple but elegant food like fresh mozzarella, basil, kalamata olives, sundried tomatoes, salami, rosemary demi-baguettes, fruit kabobs, and it's own little bottle of EVOO.

But  right now... you should know I am coveting this:

Someone on the internet found it at Target. I did not find it at Target. I did not find it at Target on any of my severaltimesaweek trips there. Or on my imustgonowtobecertain trip I just took. And it seems incredibly unfair that I live in a city with ONE Target. Yes! I checked online and even was prepared to buy it from a scalper on ebay. But no...the universe hates me.  I have to be days away from turning old AND I can't have this tiffin box. However, I decided to be a grownup about it and not drive two hours and twenty minutes to spend my day hitting every target in the nearest real city. I'll just complain here about it on my blog. It's just such a shame because it would have fit in lovely with my other tiffin boxes and I would have used it to spread love and good will to everyone around me.

It wasn't meant to be is so trite in this situation. It is. ♥


  1. You know how sometimes I have trouble "hearing" your voice when you blog? I had NO trouble with this one! There were manic and squeaky moments in my brain.

  2. There were manic and squeaky moments in my brain too....<3

  3. I enjoyed the basket you made for me. Maybe we can finish it tonight. :)