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Saturday, April 23, 2011


Last night we celebrated Passover with our closest friends. Last year we pulled off an elaborate dinner with linen table cloths and candelabras. Our tribe was bigger, the dinner more formal, and it is was incredibly beautiful. This year we stuck to the heart of what we want our kids to understand and kept it simple. And simple was beautiful....

Because around a table using creativity to illustrate plagues, huddled around elements that have explained an amazing experience to generations of children, and immersed in an ancient story brought to life through artists and musicians...our families celebrated passover.

And in the room among history and tradition was something even more powerful. There were two families who have chosen to be one.

The church. And what it means to be the church to each other.

There was grace and mercy... given and received. Forgiveness poured out. And accepted.

And hope. Always hope.

Hope that we are pointing the way to our children well enough. Hope that we are giving them roots not to indoctrinate, but to keep them grounded when they ask the big questions. Hope that because they have seen what it means to love unconditionally even those we are not bound to... they will choose to love. And hope that they will look hard enough to build community and experience love even if it is unconventional.

And today...we look ahead for redemption. Redemption for the world. Redemption for ourselves. Redemption for our struggles. And redemption for all the ways we have fallen short of what we had hoped.

In the words written to voice the heart of the Hebrew people...."Though hope may be frail, it is hard to kill." That... my heart sings.

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