Best Blogger Tips

Monday, March 14, 2011


1. I love these people. 
They stick like glue to each other.  Right now they are playing mom and children. And hide and seek. And singing along to Taylor Swift. And making my heart melt. I love that they are so tight.

2. And we are are doing nothing today.
Spring Break. Cloudy day. Playing. Going to drag every blanket into the living room and watch movies all afternoon. In our pajamas. With popcorn. And lemonade. And maybe brownies.

3. But not tomorrow...or the next day.
We have big plans. We have movies to see, museums to explore, pottery to paint and we must find some water to play in...if the sun will cooperate. :)

4. Plus it's daddy's birthday week!
Wonder what mama has planned?!?

5. I'm making decronstructed enchiladas for dinner. 
They are my favorite. And so pretty. Not to mention yummy. 

6. We had the best weekend.
Fun birthday party. Date night that rocked. Seeing Aladdin on stage as a family. 

7. Little things making me so very happy. More content than in awhile.
Have I mentioned I love my new sunglasses? And lots of new music. Read some great books lately. Using my camera. Creating some distance between me and hard things. Dreaming. Embracing things I can't change. 

8. I know it must be spring (despite the clouds) because I feel the urge to picnic. Repeatedly. 
Some people clean. I picnic. Add to #3 springbreaktodolist. And I feel a picnic post...or two... coming soon.