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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Did you know?

Did you know that all the messages, emails, comments, texts, and sharing on facebook you guys did about my last post was a huge encouragement to me? It reminded me how powerful the written word read and write. And why I blog...even the messy stuff. Thank you.

Did you know that I love having a place to pour out my heart and sort through big feelings but I also love to record silly things too? Like that I am addicted to sugarfreetangerinepopsicles and that diet dr pepper taste nothing like real dr pepper. And if you think it does...well... you never really loved dr pepper the way I did.

And did you know that we were sitting in church on sunday and even though the song ended there was still music playing?  From my daughter's ipod. Loudly. Conspicuously. Even if accidentally. And I fought back laughter..not well. Sooooo not well that the worship leader...good friend... had to fight back a smile and laughter...not well either... as he led the next song.

Did you know that I am terrified of the crossing guard at Lish's school? I manage to get whistled or gestured at nearly matter how hard I try. I wonder if I get some of those white gloves and a whistle if I could strike fear into the people around me? Make them move. We could use some of that around here when it is time to do dishes or clean our rooms. Don't get any ideas, baby....I'm strictly talking about the children! Mama is good with her domestic double standards.

Did you know that one of my favorite grownups in the world has a birthday coming up? And that we are celebrating with a sushi class in one of my favorite cities in the world. Or at least one of the ones I frequent when I am feeling culturally claustrophobic. Not to encourage envy but seriously....austin, sushi, slumber party, and plenty of misadventures!!!

And did you know that we are out of silverware AGAIN? Thankfully there is a solution.


  1. Amanda, write, write, and write more. You got very favorable comments from my editor friend on your last article. Gloria is definitely in the know and cousin Marko says you should write professionaly. Think about it -- you are definitely talented in so many ways! Love you, Grandma Barbara

  2. I <3 this post!

  3. I also love having a place where I can pour my heart out. Blogging rocks.