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Friday, August 6, 2010


Dear Lady At The Dollar Cinema Who Wants to See My ID Every Single Time, If I was inclined to steal a debit card I promise I would do much more fun things with it then take 6 kids to the dollar movies. Dear Blinker, It's so good to have you back. Gone are my fears of jail. Dear Person Who Brought  My Blinker Back To Life, You were fabulous. Dear Novel About Mirror Image Twins and Their Aunt Who Haunts Them, Wrap it up already.  Dear Me, Stop picking out such bad books. Dear Running Shoes, Please come find me in the morning. Bring  socks.You should probably know I committed us to running half a marathon in 11 10 weeks and we have yet to even get to know each other. Dear Dinner, You were fabulous too.



  1. Dear Lady who writes "Letters", you are so funny. Dear Lady's running shoes, I'll be at the finish line with a camera...oh yes, I will. Dear book about the weird twins and the aunt who haunts them, you were strange, a little disturbing, and I'll be choosing the next book.

  2. dear Blogger, may I just say, I just love your blog & letters!