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Friday, August 6, 2010

Art Therapy- Giving it away!

We had so much fun painting pottery last week that  Belinda and I decided we wanted to go back.... sans kids. So....

Girl's Night- Art Therapy♥

You can find out the details here.

And just for fun.... one lucky ___________________ (I don't know what to call y'all and need something creative?) will win a $20 gift certificate to Portland Creative Arts Center. You can use it with your kids or on Girl's Night.

And if you win and don't live nearby (or have no desire to move nearby so you can come to girl's night) I'll swap out a fun piece of flamingo art created by me. Not promising good...just fun.

Here is how you enter:

1. Leave a comment with a collective name for the people who read this blog. It can be completely original (as if that exists) or a favorite term from another blogger.

2. Go here. Like.

3. Go here. Suggests to Friends. (Be sure to leave a comment telling me.)

4. Go here. RSVP for Art Therapy. (It is five weeks away so there is plenty of time to find a sitter, convince your husband, find a friend to tag along, etc.)

And Lauren & Lori...they have one up for a great guess!


  1. Just a thought: Tanglers? Knots? Strands? (or something related...) Here's why: from Main Entry: tangle
    Part of Speech: verb
    Definition: knot, *complicate*
    Synonyms: catch, coil, confuse, derange, discompose, disorganize, drag into, embroil, enmesh, ensnare, *entangle*, entrap, foul up, hamper, implicate, interlace, *interlock*, *intertwist*, *interweave*, involve, jam, kink, make a party to, mat, mesh, (etc)

    because, by being transparently "complicated", you're creating a *community* of interlocked/interwoven/connected readers...who can support each other!

    A "cord of three strands" type thing?

  2. I think we should be called The Fan Club.

    I liked.

    I shared.

    I RSVP'd.

  3. The Twisted???

    I Liked

    I RSVP'd

    I invited two people.

    And my brain hurts now...