Best Blogger Tips

Monday, August 2, 2010

I am a big fan

  • Phone calls from Africa ♥

  • Laughing so hard that no sound comes out....and your stomach muscles ache.

  • Fiesta Artichoke Spinach Party Dip Mix...sadly all gone.

  • Spice Girls through the  Bose Surround Sound. Three Daughters. Dancing.

  • Friends that have made my time without J an endless party. (Why haven't we been taking pictures?)

  • Being unable to hang up on the phone no matter how late it is and how early you have to get up. ♥

  • A new little space to call my own...where I can create, blog, and dream about new adventures.

  • A cup full of brand new pencils...waiting to journal, doodle, and give dreams life on paper.

  • My blog. And that you read it. And that you like it. (Or at least tell me you do.)

  • Amazingly soft t-shirts that are ninety percent less toxic them my other clothing...and have a story....


  1. Pics would of been nice...Especially of one where you yelled at Daniella...and scared Jessica...LOL

    Best night ever....

  2. Or when Jessica called Daniella naked and grumpy..

  3. lol! she DID scare me! and sorry i called you naked and grumpy...but i was right....on both. :D and belinda, ur my favorite one! u just sat and girl

  4. Those are the BEST t-shirts. I love them. I have to get another one soon. Even though you look much better in it than I do!

    Okay- next dance me.