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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Dear Bed, We need some quality time together. I am coming. Dear Pajamas, You are so beautiful. Dear Sunday Morning, Please keep my children asleep as long as possible. Or at least quiet. Thanks for that. Dear New Cookbook, Let's cook together tomorrow. Dear Africa, Please tell my hubby to call me. Or text me. Or email me. Or facebook me. Or send an owl. Any one will do. Dear Charlie St. Cloud, I really liked you. At least 15 minutes of you that is. Dear People Judging My Heart, Stop. You are making it hard to love you. And making it hurt. Much. Dear Beach, I want to hangout tomorrow but could do without the seaweed. Handle that please.Dear Light Bulb In My Bathroom, It is very inconsiderate of you to burn out while I am all alone without the one who changes light bulbs. Maybe you could reconsider. Dear Just Dance, You are my favorite.




  1. Awesome! (Reminds me of the Thank You notes on Jimmy Fallon's show). You just need a sentimental soundtrack to go with it! :) Hope you're doing well this week!

  2. You're so funny! You should make this a regular thing.