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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Elective Torture

Know where I am blogging from?

The  playground- the climate controlled one at the mall. Insert huge sigh of contentment. Elisha and I are on a date. And before you wonder what kind of girl blogs on a date, you should know that I have been ditched for sweaty older boys…and I am the one you should feel sorry for.

It’s been a really good day and there is a palpable sense of contentment sitting here on this bench with me. Today was good. Really Good.

Worked this morning. Watched a friend’s kiddos. Bought school supplies at Target. Made snacks for a meeting at work. Had a meeting at work. Dinner with Elisha. Content.

There was however, one part of my day that I am a bit ambivalent about. That would be the part where I paid someone to pour hot wax dangerously close to my eyes. I don’t think anyone looks forward to this form of torture but it seriously strikes fear in my heart. I wish I was mature enough to say I am worried about damage to my sight or something like that but no….I just worry my eyebrows are going to look stupid.

I worry the whole time they keep reapplying the wax. It was really hot this time, too. Really hot. I worry that they are taking off my entire eyebrow. I have visions of hairless cats and flashbacks to my childhood when my best friend’s mother used to shave her eyebrows and draw them back in. Seriously people, my eyebrows are blond. There is no drawing them back in!!!!!

And then when I have held my breath as long as I think possible,  I see her reach for the mirror. except she doesn’t reach for the mirror and show me my certainly hairless brow… she whips out scissors. Never in all my waxing experiences has anyone EVER brought out scissors. This is probably the part of the story where most people would quietly clarify the situation- “I’d like to still have eyebrows please... if it is not too much trouble.”

Not me. Fear in my heart….really. I do not want to insult the lady using the miniature scissors amazingly close to me eyes. Actually I don't know if they are miniature because my eyes are tightly shut.  I didn’t even know that scissors were allowed.

But finally when I am surely a little cyanotic from holding my breath, it is time for the mirror…..I still have eyebrows. I can overlook the blazing red puffiness that will last about 20 hours…because I STILL HAVE EYEBROWS!

It’s been a good day. And in about a month I'll have forgotten the trauma of the whole thing and do it again...

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