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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

If we didn't go to the pool....

If we didn't go to the pool....
we would not spend a gagillion minutes looking for suits you had on less than 24 hours ago
or the sunscreen
or the goggles
there wouldn't be half a dozen more towels to wash
nobody would cry because they got sunscreen in their eyes
or fight and argue about whose turn it is to sit in the third row
there would be no passionate pleading to go to the other pool 
or begging for snacks from the vending machine
or tattling for whatever you manage to find offense with
or complaining that the sun is too hot and the water is too cold
or there is no one to play with or that someone splashed you (surprise)
and no calling for mama to see your newest trick
or to come and play with you

and mostly there wouldn't be this...

the moment where you climb in my lap...
and I remember that when you are wet and cold 
you seem sooooooo little
and that I couldn't be more in love with you

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