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Friday, May 27, 2011

au revoir school mornings

Summer is here. It's official! We have all been given a reprieve from the routine that goes something like this:
  • Daddy is the responsible adult who gets up when the alarm goes off.
  • Up get the children. Without a lot of prodding... and they get ready. (Don't let anyone ever tell you that lazy relaxed parenting doesn't produce productive children)
  • Mama lays in bed till we are two minutes till late.
  • She gathers the nearest pair of jeans, shoes and yes....a bra. Shades and a ponytail complete the taxi driver look. 
  • Once in the car, mama picks the music because she is the driver. She will take requests but only if the children promise not to talk to her or ask a bagillion questions.Or fight. (Like that ever happens.)
  • By the time we get across town, mama is awake enough to gush about love and great days and how much she will miss them.
  • And in a route 44 cup.
And now? It is quiet and still long after daddy is gone. And then we spend the day doing a lot of this:
{Right after mama actually gets dressed. And we procure carbonated, caffeinated goodness.}

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