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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the I-am-going-to-be-a-grown-up list

Thirty is upon me. In less than two months... I will turn 30! And I'm freaking out a bit. Not really. Mostly I just feel like I have been pretending to be a grown up and now I really have to be a grown-up. 

And I know age is just a number.... but I really {heart}the number 29! I'd keep it.

Most days I feel accomplished. I've done a lot, been a lot, and don't feel at all like I wasted my twenties. But still... the procrastinator in me insists that some of the best moments in life are the last moments...when you are squeezing out what you weren't sure would happen. There is something extra sweet about one last bite, the kiss goodbye, the comeback to win the game.

And in that spirit...there is a list. It's not a bucket list. It's not even a haven't ever done list. It is a {always wanted to/not often enough/should be everyday} list. And it might be ambitious for 6 weeks. But it's not ambitious for the summer I turn thirty.

Here is my list. What's on yours?

The List
sleep under the stars (with plumbing nearby...thank you very much)
get a tattoo (decided on design... and gathering courage)
plan a trip to Europe (can't go now, but i can dream now)
watch the sunrise on the beach (will be masquerading as a morning person)
be wrapped in seaweed (spa day)
say thank you  (gratitude owed and not expressed often enough)
make sorbet (lemon...probably)
catch a fish (as long as I don't have to take it off the hook....little is as exciting) 
launch a sky lantern (flickering light drifting to the stars...wishes, prayers, and hopes trailing behind)
spend 24 hours silent (no talking, texting, emailing, blogging, twittering, all)
make a book (
float on a river (just to be carried away by something other than the pace of life)
cook a lobster (yummy and of both)
paint a picture (tipsycanvas...june come too)
be a difference (my biggest aspiration is to be different...moved... by words, people, places, art, ideas. and i want to be that for someone else. pivotal. inspirational. unforgettable.)


  1. Starting last first, you have made a difference in my life. God sent you when I needed you and blessed me with a most unselfish person whose joyous countenance despite personal chaos reflected and reflects the Love and Grace of Jesus. As for Tipsy canvas, sounds fun, but I iwll be out of state. Always wanted to paint a picture. Floating down the river? You are welcome to our river house anytime. It is truly a sublime experience to tube down the lazy Nueces feeling a pure peace. Give us a call or email to make a date. I've been planning a trip to Italy for a very long time, Perhaps God will see it in His plans to get the other "stuff" out of the way. Detours are part of my life. My first and quite possibly last memorable sunrise was when I was riding a train with my poppy from NJ to Lake Winnepesaukee, NH. I was 10 and he woke me up to let me see it. Not a morning person either, but I can attest to many, many beautiful sunsets in my lifetime. Never stop dreaming of what you can and will do. Getting older doesn't stop the process. God has exciting things in store for you Ms. Amanda. FYI, I couldn't wait to be 30, because I thought people would take me a lot more seriously. At least one of us wanted to grow And life is more exciting with each passing long as you do keep that wonder and awe feeling as God presents each new adventure. Rainbows are everywhere.

  2. Not that you are interested, but here's what I think of your list...

    I LOVE sleeping under the star and watching the sunrise on the beach (another thing we have in common I despise mornings!).

    The being silent for 24 hours would be very hard for me! BUT I bet it would be very rewarding!

    I need to say thank you a lot more than I do!

    I have also been wanting to do something artsy like paint! Sounds so fun!!

    Being a difference is perhaps my favorite!!

    I recently had a conversation with a friend of a friend about her taboo...if you are interested in her experience let me know. If not, I want try to discourage you by sharing unsolicited info! Ha!! :)

    Good Luck on your list!! Keep us posted on how it goes!

    Also LOVE your "Favorites" on your sidebar!!

  3. Well, I know you are VERY interested in what I have to say...

    Silent for a day? Denied.

    I have nori. I can wrap you in it if that helps you realize your dreams.

    Lanterns in the sky reminded me of Tangled.

    I am ALL OVER the cooking the lobster. Let's do that on Sunday. I have a pot.

    Regarding the tattoo... three words: Go. For. It!

    Plan a trip to New York first. 30 is important but 40... Oh God. Nevermind. Can't finish that sentence, I may vomit.

    You are picking a bad six weeks to sleep under the stars. Hello mosquito season!

    Painting, cooking, floating ... This is going to be a great summer!

    Being thankful, making a difference... too late. You already are. <3

  4. I'm busy planning a list of 5 things to do before I'm 50! It's next there's some very impressive and grown up things on your list, I certainly couldn't manage 24 hours of quiet. I hope you achieve them x (Over from Blog Gems, I couldn't find your post)