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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hurry Summer!

We live in a beach town. And since we have decided to still live in a beach piece of clothing has been elevated in my mind this week: the bathing suit.

Now while some of you are still shoveling snow, we are a week from spring break and the unofficial opening of beach season. You can hate me now but after the dressing room experience I might be thankful for a little more time.

I was never really in love with the last two suits. Worse than that... neither my best friend or husband really loved them either. Such a first world problem I know. But you can see why this seemed like a pressing enough matter that I drug my three year into a dressing room with a stack of suits. Enter comic relief.

If you know Kaya at all, you know she is loud, opinionated, and has this adorable little accent. Except it is less adorable when it's asking why things are jiggling and if you want your butt to hang out. I am sure the lady shopping all the way in housewares, who could surely hear her litany of questions, was amused. Mama was trying to be amused. But there is something so wrong about the person who is partly responsible for the point it out. Something so wrong...

And while I am honestly not in a hurry to bare it some on the beach next to teeny girls who have never even babysat four kids let alone grow them. I am longing for the days where a bathing suit is the uniform and we spend nearly everyday splashing, soaking, and enjoying this beach town best. Hurry summer....I've missed you!


  1. Oh thank God you have found a replacement companion for bathing suit shopping! Give Kaya Faith a big kiss from Aunt Didi and tell her she is permanently hired!

  2. Really funny amanda.. Needed a good Lov PJ