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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We Are Home...Still

It's official. We have a job! And for many of you reading you will delighted to know that it is here in the sparkling city by the home.

The uncertainty has been maddening and while I have spent a lot of time reminding God of His promises to provide our every need, we have been trusting that it would all work out. God is faithful. And I married well. It had to work out!

When I started blogging I had no intention of painting this perfect life, with a heart that was always right, and as someone who had already learned to count it all joy. I am just a girl who tries very hard and still doesn't have it figured out yet. I still have a lot of growing up to do. But I don't let it stop me from doing, so I share, mentor, encourage, serve, give, and love....however imperfectly.

So assume my gratitude as you read on.

I really wanted to live somewhere else. I wanted trees. A children's museum. I wanted to see more than a couple plays a year. I want a whole foods and more than one mall. Seasons. I wanted to argue about what we want for dinner versus arguing about where we absolutely can't stand to eat one more time. I wanted a little more culture, a few more options, and a little different mindset.

Instead we are home. And home is where I get to raise my children alongside their grandparents. It's a city where we are respected and loved. It's a life lived amongst the best friends we have ever known.  It is laying in bed at night dreaming out loud with my high school sweetheart and making dinner for my kids in a house that they are the fourth generation to live in. That counts for something. It counts for a lot.

We are rooted. And for a girl whose head is often stuck in the clouds and whose heart is usually chasing some dream...roots are a good thing.

So to celebrate our "staying" home, we are gonna pick our kids up from school, head to a sonic happy hour, go for a long walk barefoot on the beach, and have dinner watching the sun go down over the sparkling sea.

And I will whisper a prayer of thankfulness...

Because those things... I have already to learned to count as joy. <3


  1. Perfect.

    Coming from a Flour Bluff girl who married her High School sweetheart and has been "stuck" in Corpus will grow to not only adjust and enjoy it, but completely LOVE it.

    I'm so happy for you guys.

  2. This is what struck me the most...

    "We are rooted. And for a girl whose head is often stuck in the clouds and whose heart is usually chasing some dream...roots are a good thing."

    I think you are brilliant to recognize this in yourself. Roots ARE a good thing and without them... you would wilt. Some are okay remaining shallow but you are not created that way. You, my friend, must go deep and I am so happy you do not have to dig up your roots and re-plant yourself because it would be painful and I feared you withering.

    And I have now taken this analogy to its limit.

    Mostly I'm just glad you are staying.