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Monday, September 27, 2010

It really is FALL baby!

You know how last week I said I was back...and then wasn't? Well let's just pretend that I am not here two days in a row building expectation and such. Then I can do this again tomorrow....hopefully!

Had a great weekend. And for the first time since the last time, I am now going to complain about how hot it is here. Maybe I wouldn't take it so personally, except Old Navy insists on tormenting  me with sweater emails every few hours when they know good and well that we haven't seen 80 degrees before ten pm since...well I am not entirely sure ever.

But the most amazing thing happened on this first full week of is in the 70's. In fact we might not see 80 until tomorrow. Good thing a good portion of my week last week was dedicated to fall preparations. Here is what that looks like...

  • Smelling & acquiring fall candles. In my head, fall smells like Vanilla Cinnamon Brule. And so does my house.

  • Strategically placing garlands of fake fall leaves around my house. Only leaves my kids will see...

  • Taking the Christmas wreath off my front porch and replacing it with a more appropriately themed one. Did I just admit that on a public blog? Yes but I blame the heat and mosquitos for the fact that the only time we spend outside all summer is to get in the air-conditioned car to go to another climate controlled environment. Leaving a pine and holly wreath up year round is a small price to pay for making sure my kids don't have a heat stroke or catch West Nile. That's my story.

  • Researching soup recipes for this soup exchange party I am planning in my head. It's a great idea and you are going to want to come! Except it's not such a great idea that I am willing to orchestrate the whole thing and clean my house.... Who could I ask to clean their house host?

  • Lastly but certainly not for new jeans.

My favorite jeans were looking ridiculous besides the fact that I washed them in hot water three times and put them in dryer long enough that I probably could have bought two pair in electricity costs.

Because I hate jean shopping. There are five hundred brands. And then Low Rise. Ultra Low Rise. Regular. Short. Long. Stretch. Skinny. Boot Cut. Straight. And that is after I find the right size. Forget finish....

Generally I like being a curvy girl. Jean shopping sort of sucks that out of you....and I need them to fit well but not so well that I am paranoid about how I wash them. And then there are certain jeans that an almost-thirty-mama-to-four should just not wear. That would be anything with skinny on the tag....

Are you exhausted yet? I was. Then I hauled about 37 pairs to the dressing room and zipped and unzipped all while talking on the phone to avoid looking too closely at my reflection in the hideous-dressing-room-light-mirror. Turns out the first pair was the winner.

Actually I just got tired of zipping...

But I have jeans that I can go three steps without having to hike up. And I won't have a heat stroke when I drag prince charming on a picnic tonight to celebrate this weather!

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  1. Autumn smells like cinnamon least to me. Or pumpkin are WAY ahead of me. I haven't even begun to dig out my fall decor. But- I have some soup ideas!