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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


It's no secret I have been absent from this place for too long. And I could give you a million reasons...but it all comes down to adjusting. Adjustment.

Adjusting to homeschooling, being a sahm, changes in relationships, and for the last nine days...being a single parent. J is in Georgia making magic happen for the RLF campus there.

And also adjusting what my vision for this blog is. I recently took some criticism for my blog...for my desire to share my heart. The messy, raw, uncensored version. And it has taken this long for me to feel at home again here. And I know what I want now. I want real, authentic, whole. I want you to see that even though I hold things together well, I am frayed at the edges. I want you to know that even though I am forgiven, I am still in need of His grace everyday...regardless of whatever position I hold or pedestal someone might put me on.

Does that mean I share everything? Absolutely not. It's not all mine to share.

So it's a journey of laughter, tears, crazy adventure, and four sets of toes in the sand. It's how I navigate this topsy-turvey-always-changing-thing we call our life.

Love that you are along for the ride. Love that many of you have made plans to hangout and do some art therapy tomorrow night!

Back in the groove....much more to come!


  1. Yay!! Love you Amanda and so glad you are writing again.

  2. We haven't officially met, but I follow your blog and LOVE your musings. You have the sweetest family ever and I am inspired and motivated by you.


  3. Don't lose steam! (Do you like my new avatar?)

  4. Tanya...I forgot that we haven't met. I have heard so much about you and seen a million Ghana pictures...that it's hard to believe that is true!

    Thanks for reading...thanks for commenting! We should meet!