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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Never again...

Not in the mood for dramatic and emotional? Probably should skip this post.

Had a very introverted week. Most of my time was spent with just my little people. And they are great..but in undiluted doses have a way of making you feel crazy.

And we have been nesting since J has gotten home. Listening to stories, sifting through treasures, and pouring over the photos and video.  Sleeping. Catching up. Just being together.

But he is at work. And will go back tomorrow and the next day.

And I will be here...

And I can't quite make the jump from this last week to the next, and the next.

And right now it feels like I will never take another good picture, or create anything, or write anything worthy of sharing. Never again.

And right now it feels like I will never go anywhere,  have anything to dream about, or have anything intelligent to say.

Never again...

Before my left brain friend's stage an intervention, I really am okay. I am just reacting to a lot of time alone, a major case of wanderlust, and the sensation of talking to myself. (My kids really aren't listening... so maybe it's more than a sensation)

And I know it's a funk. I know something will give and I'll find my way back to complicated...but for now feels like never again.

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