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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This time for Africa...

In just a few days J leaves for West Africa. He is part of team that is bringing clean water and medical care to a village in Ghana. As I type this, a well is being dug and the team will bring in home water filtration systems to as many homes as possible. This village holds an incredibly special place in the heart of our faith community- Real Life Fellowship. Here is why:

Clean water and Africa are giant buzz words right now. Every celebrity has their own charity and there are hundreds of organization committed to seeing Africa rescued from preventable diseases and lack of education. Children die everyday simply because they do not access to the thing we flush down toilets and wash our cars with. It is tragic. There is no other word for that. But we live in a fallen world that is full of tragedy. Less than a thousand miles from here is a third world county where children beg for a living and lack basic things we throw away everyday. All around our city & state are modern orphans stuck in a foster care system held captive by their parent's addictions, brokenness, and poverty. They need a simple thing- a family. Yet they are marked by their circumstances and still invisible all the same. Tragedy and injustice are all around.

So why Africa?

Last year our lead pastor Micah and his wife Lori adopted a son from Ghana. Eli's story has become a part of who we are at RLF. When our church realized the power we had to change life for an entire village, there was no question we would use that power. So prayer, money, time, volunteers, staff, and stuff we take for granted has been funneled to West Africa.

And I am so proud that J is part of a staff that makes that happen, that he is part of the team that gets to deliver it, and that our family is part of that!

I would be lying to say I am not a little anxious about the 17 days he will be gone. I have no fears about his safety. Really it's about being left behind...

I wrote this earlier this year:
Jason is going to Ghana on a mission trip in July. I knew that he really wanted to go but that he would never come out and ask me to make the sacrifice so that he could. So for Christmas, my gift to him was my blessing, my sacrifice, my commitment to do what it takes to get him there. I wasn't sure that really qualified as a gift. It was my deepest desire for him to have this adventure, to see him passionate and excited, to see him be stretched by God. It's hard to gift wrap those things.

And it is still true. Yet this is the part where the rubber meets the road and I have to guard my attitude about single parenting for 17 days. Our family will drink only water while he is there, reminding us of our blessing of being born on an incredibly blessed continent and the reason daddy is gone. While he is across the ocean we will study the region he is in and find ways to be creative about what that means for our family.It's going to be hard....

We have spent the last week getting everything ready and at the moment we only lack sheets and sunscreen. There is so much to pray for , to rely on God for with this trip. There is a lot I could be anxious about. I choose not to be.

I am so excited for the difference J gets to be part of making. I am so excited for the example he is setting for our family. I know that J is going to change Africa.

But what I can't wait for...what I am waiting expectantly how Africa is gong to change us.


  1. Whenever new adventures start, it is always not "what can I do to make a difference", it is "how is this going to make me different"...I'm here for you these 17 days, and though you're being "left behind" your contribution is enormous...and your husband will bring Africa back to you...but I know that it is not the same...because you are one who desires to dig down and really get their hands messy in the lives of the hurting. I've never met two people more willing to serve than you and J...and because I get to know you, I'm excited that I get to see the changes that God is about to bring!

  2. Thanks Lauren. I can't wait to get there and can't wait to come back.