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Friday, July 23, 2010

Sparkly smelly goodness...

Our first stop in San Antonio... Panda Express! But our second... Bath Junkie!

Now I may have been building unrealistic expectations in my head about our time in this store... but for good reason! Unrealistic expectations are kinda my thing anyway. You should know that Bath Junkie totally came through!

I even bought you...a present.

(You should know upfront that I have no intentions of becoming a blogger that supports her family and buys her dream home from her blogging revenue. I just like to give gifts!)

Lauren promises to guest blog about it later and we'll give away a surprise. But now I have to cover myself with sparkly lotion and help Lauren track down real cream for her coffee...


  1. Presents? I want presents.

    Also, you & Lauren look beautiful...and I almost bought your top at Old Navy today <3

  2. Thanks Hillary! I am not usually a yellow kind of girl but everyone seems to love it!
    Keep watching for the present details!!!!! It's a really good present!!!!