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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cure for the grumpies...

Life has been so incredibly complicated the last few days that it hasn't left much any time for blogging. (And while I like things complicated, I generally enjoy it more when I am the one complicating things...when I can opt out of complicated if necessary.)

I do want to say that I love when my phone beeps and it is a comment on my blog. Love... is putting it mildly. You guys make me smile, laugh out loud, and are like a little vacation from my real life. Apparently I am a glutton for validation.

But back to grumpy. I hate being grumpy. I especially hate being so grumpy that I can't stand myself. So I have been on a quest for a cure. Here's the list:

  • Yesterday I woke up to a rainy morning and decided I was missing my calling as a baker. Drug six kids through HEB past 700 kinds of fresh baked bread to gather all the ingredients to make my own bread. Kneading, pounding, and eating hot fresh bread dripping in butter was a great start.

  • I made artisan bread. That is code for inconsistent and very amateur. It was amazingly yummy and despite my vow to be mean to everyone- I shared.

  • Then my kids went with their grandparents. I was tempted to use that time to get my life under control. Except I am totally lying.

  • Mani/Pedi with  OC.  OC is my new favorite nail guy. I am never again letting a girl give me a pedicure...ever. They might be able to paint my toe nails...but I can paint my toenails. OC had magical hands.  I could get over the fact that he doesn't speak more than a few words of English and  that he is like 20 if he promised to give me a leg massage every night.

  • So baby if you don't come home from's totally me and OC.

  • But come home... okay.

  • Then I continued my no-carb-left-behind plan and continued to self medicate away my grumpies by having dinner with Danielle at Johnny Carrinos. More bread...add pasta.

  • I am suddenly starving.

  • After dinner we hit her couch for a movie I love and she does now too.

  • Bed after midnight.

  • This morning was a blur. Mostly because it involved cleaning up from my adventures as a baker and doing other responsible domestic things.

  • But me and the kids made it up to ourselves by having Chinese for lunch and then going to a movie with Lauren.

  • Beezus & Ramona. As an avid reader these were very real people from my childhood. Sweet to share it with the girls. On the lookout for the soundtrack.

  • At the movies I handed the concession lady my debit card and asked her not to fill me in on the details. Totally forgot that I was going to get a text a minute later saying my card had been used for a blasphemous amount.

  • Worth it. You should see it...and invite me cause I want to see it again.

  • And then we bought Just Dance for the Wii.  And the most adorable pajama pants for mama.

  • Didn't get to play because I had to go to work and make up for the concession stand.

  • I am sure my children found a way to fight about whose turn it was, etc... even though they play simultaneously.

  • I plan to blow a good portion of the day tomorrow pretending I have rhythm and coordination.

  • Just in case  there was any lingering grumpiness, after work Lauren made me dinner and we watched a chick flick...with her hubby....who claimed to be limiting his chick flick intake...but watched most of it anyway:)

  • And Lauren....we forgot to have popcorn!

  • And now I'm starving ....and off to find a snack.


  1. You should have come over. I have popcorn.

  2. Okay, here it is... you were the one who complained because I never comment on your blog. So recently I have been commenting. Here is the comment for this one. You had lunch with Danielle and dinner with Lauren. Were am I in this equation? NOWHERE!! I am just the ugly step-child. LOL jk.......So glad you feel better.

  3. I had lunch the day before with you....I'll make you some bread. You'll feel better! :)